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Troop Awards

John R. Barnett Award

For many years John Barnett was an active leader of Troop 54 serving in various positions including that of Scoutmaster.  His enthusiasm and curiosity provided an example for all Scouts to follow.  He was always willing to try something new.  If he found that it was fun he would do all he could to encourage Scouts to try too.

But there was another side to John Barnett, and it is best summarized in the principals of Scouting.  He knew the importance of developing responsible citizens and recognized the role of Scouting in achieving that goal.

Because of these outstanding characteristics, this award has been established in his memory.  It honors Scouts in Troop 54 who have made significant contribution to the development of the Troop and their fellow Scouts.


1979 - William Schumacher

1979 - David Swenson

1981 - Bruce Egner

1986 - Harold Hayward

1988 - Edmund Hayward

2001 - Matthew Birchby

2001 - Ian Duffy

2001 - James Nylund

2005 - Richard Saunders

2007 - Brian Barone

2013 - Kevin Rickenberg

2013 - Ryan DeMarco

2015 - Devon DeMarco

2015 - Luke Edwards

2017 - Colin Arscott

2017 - Parker Griep

2018 - Jack Culleton

2020 - Ethan Menzel

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Williams Award

The Williams Award; Helping to Create a Civil Society.

The Williams family, Gus, Margaret, Chris and Diane, played a formative role in the history of Troop 54 for many years.  Gus, as Scoutmaster, devoted himself to making Troop 54 the model for Scouting in the 50's and 60's; and Chris, his son, continued the tradition in the 70's.  Their wives, Margaret and Diane, provided support, both spiritually and practically that made the Troop work.

We are all part of the Scouting program for the same reason the Williams were: We recognize the important role Scouting plays in creating a civil society by building a sense of citizenship, self confidence, character and leadership in young men.  The great contribution of the Williams is symbolic of our hopes for our community through the successful development of our Scouts and the part Scouting plays in that development.

It is in this spirit and for those reasons that we honor an exemplary model of immeasurable giving to Troop 54 and to our community, and we gratefully acknowledge our debts to the recipients of The Williams Award.


1978 - Margaret, Diane, & Chris Williams

1981 - Edgar Saul

1983 - Mary & Charles Swenson

1991 - David Stuhr

1993 - Sue & Leo Winiarski

1995 - Richard Saul

2000 - Steve Newton

2008 - Rusty Thompson

2013 - Robert Barone

2021 - Peter Mastandrea

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W. Stuart Thompson Community Service Award

The Stuart Thompson Community Service Award was established by the troop committee in 1989 in memory of Stuart who was active for thirty years in Troop 54.  He served as Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, and Explorer Adviser.  He was present at the weekly and monthly meetings, went on campouts, high adventures, and to Philmont.

In addition to his scout involvement, Stuart was active in several community endeavors including the Recreation Commission, the YAC, the Blood Donor's Association, and an Elder in The Community Church.  He had a career of fifteen years in Ho-Ho-Kus municipal government serving on the Town Council and as Town Mayor for eight years.

It is because of these facts that the Troop Committee determined that The Stuart Thompson Award must have two qualifying components.  To receive it, one must have been active and contributing to Troop 54 and active and contributing to the Ho-Ho-Kus Community at large.

The word community has various meanings, such as, a community of fellowship or a society of people having common interests or common character, a similarity, such as a community of spirit.

This award is to honor those individuals who do just that; the recipients who have given of their time and talents to the boys in Troop 54 and to the well being of the community.  This award is not an annual one but, rather, it is given only when it is determined that it is appropriate.


1990 - Stephen Newton

1991 - Toby Winiarki

1991 - Hal Hayward

1992 - Charles Swenson

1993 - Mel Van Hattem

1994 - David Stuhr

1995 - Richard Sayers

1996 - Steve White

1997 - Ken Kievit Sr.

1999 - John Mongelli

2001 - Rusty Thompson

2005 - Kevin Duffy

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Hazel B. Flavelle - Rusty Thompson Campership Award

It was about 1991 that Troop 54 received information that we were benefactors in the will of Hazel B. Flavelle.  At this time the troop is still benefiting from the generosity of this lady.  The Troop Leadership Committee wanted to bring recognition to her, as it is through her kindness that each Scout of Troop 54, and the Scouts who will follow, are and will benefit from a comprehensive, well rounded program.  In tribute to her, the Troop Leadership Committee has established The Hazel B. Flavelle Campership Award, which is a week at summer camp for two Scouts; one younger Scout at Camp Turell, or NoBeBoSco, and one older Scout at Floodwood  Mountain Reservation paid for from the Flavelle Fund.

Hazel B. Flavelle.....Who is She?

This information has been obtained by Rusty Thompson, by searching out past neighbors and friends, many have died, some were still in town, and some have moved.

Hazel Flavelle was a long time resident in Ho-Ho-Kus.  She and her husband, Tom, first lived on Sherwood Road, dating back to before 1962.  When Tom, who was a chemical engineer, died Mrs. Flavelle sold her home and moved to Hollywood Place.  She was described as a gracious lady, a good neighbor, one interested in flowers and in gardens.  She was a member of the Ho-Ho-Kus Garden Club.  She was affiliated with The Community Church.  Perhaps her greatest interest was in American History and she was extremely active in and a member of the Saddle River Branch of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Hazel B. Flavelle was a generous person, she was proud to live in Ho-Ho-Kus, and we are still grateful to her today for her most generous gift to Troop 54.

Upon the passing of Mayor Rusty Thompson, Troop 54's Adult Committee felt it was only appropriate to include her name with this award.  Mayor Rusty Thompson was a strong and enthusiastic supporter of Scouting, and the Scouting program, for over 30 years, especially the summer camp program and how it affects a young boys life; starting with the traditional merit badge camp for younger scouts and then onto a more high adventure camp, like Floodwood Mountain Reservation for older scouts.  Mayor Thompson always enjoyed presenting this award every year, so now also in her memory we award Scouts; The Hazel B. Flavelle/Rusty Thompson Campership Award.


1993 - Richard Carnes                             1993 - Keith Moritz

1994 - Maurice Cheng                              1994 - Stephen Mongelli

1995 - Drew Curtis                                    1995 - Ted Knuetter

1996 - Ian Duffy                                        1996 - Mark Rosassa

1997 - Paul DiBetta                                   1997 - Chris LaForgia

1998 - James Greenspan                         1998 - Jason Ludwig

1999 - Rob Holuba                                    1999 - James Nylund

1999 - Richard Saunders                          2000 - Kevin Brightly

2000 - Tom Brown                                     2000 - Cameron Duffy

2001 - Chris Albes                                     2001 - Cole Magrath

2002 - Brian Barone                                  2002 - Matt Butler

2003 - John Charles Lamb                        2003 - Dylan Lee

2004 - Connor Brightly                              2004 - Chris Hewitt

2005 - Clifford Bone                                  2005 - Jeremy Yeaton

2006 - Scott Halpern                                 2006 - Jerry Sullivan

2007 - Woody Hayward                            2007 - Colin Verhoff

2008 - Grant Loew                                    2008 - Michael Menakis

2009 - Kevin Rickenberg                          2009 - Theodore Kluge

2010 - Ryan DeMarco                               2010 - Devon DeMarco

2010 - Brian O'Connor

2011 - Matthew Tittensor                          2011 -Connor Reynolds

2012 - Jack Culleton                                 2012 - Teddy O'Brien

2013 - David Menzel                                 2013 - Michael Pabian

2014 - Jonathan Sumner                           2014 - Adam Frank

2015 - Trevor Hintz                                    2015 - Conor Courtney

2016 - Ethan Menzel                                 2016 - Cole Walker

2016 - Thomas Finan

2017 - Noah Langevin                               2017 - Bryn Laidler

2018 - Jack McWilliams                             2018 - Liam Morley

2018 - Ryan Christensen

2019 - Niko Ferrales                                  2019 - Tim Conlon

2021 - Austin Hintz                                    2021 - Christian Hobbis


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Explorer Post 54 Scholarship

The Trustees of the Explorer Post 54, BSA, Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey Memorial Fund established an annual scholarship in the amount of five hundred dollars, to be awarded starting 1989.

According to its 1963 Trust Agreement, the Funds was constituted "for the purpose of establishing and maintaining scholarships for the college level study of young men who then are or were formerly, members of any organization of the Boy Scouts of America in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ."

Eligibility for the Post 54 Scholarship will not be restricted to entering freshman; upperclassmen may apply as well.  Qualifications will include tests of character and community involvement as well as academic and leadership achievements.. The Trustees reserve the right to consider financial need if the circumstances so warrant.

Application for the Scholarship may be obtained/requested from Post54fund

Named for the several men who in the 1940s, '50s, and 60s served in the capacity of Post Advisor, The Post Advisors' Memorial Scholarship was established to assist Ho-Ho-Kus youth with Scouting experience to complete their formal education.  The scholarship fund was instituted in 1963 as an adjunct to Explorer Post 54, an extension of the Scouting program for boys between fourteen and eighteen years of age.  A Scouting Scholarship was the concept of The Post's Adult Committee to further help young men of Ho-Ho-Kus achieve adulthood in the spirit of and through Scouting.  Initial funding was generated by the Adult Committee and private donations.  Interest compounded over the years, now yields sufficient income for an annual one thousand dollar scholarship.


1989 - Benny Lewis Mulvaney

1990 - David M. Reel

1991 - Charles Lane

1992 - Marc Chalfoun

1993 - Christopher Dolan

1994 - Christopher Dolan

1995 - Todd Saul

1996 - Todd Saul

1997 - Keith Moritz

2003 - James Nyland

2004 - Jason Ludwig

2005 - Richard Saunders            2005 - Thomas Brown

2006 - Cole Magrath                   2006 - Christopher Mulvey

2007 - Brian Barone

2008 - Brian Barone                   2008 - John Charles Lamb

2009 - John Charles Lamb

2009 - Dylan Lee                        2009 - Taylor Magrath

2010 - Richard Saunders

2011 - Richard Saunders

2014 - Ryan DeMarco                 2014 - Kevin Rickenberg

2015 - Devon DeMarco

2016 - Gabriel Bierwas                2016 - Cole Walker

2017 - Ethan Sumner

2018 - Ethan Sumner

2019 - Connor Courtney              2019 - Trevor Hintz

2020 - Ethan Menzel

2021 - Thomas Finan                   2021 - Noah Langevin

2021- Nicholas Mastandrea         2021 - Ethan Menzel

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Scoutmasters of Troop 54

NOV. 1927 - Thomas J. MacGowan, Jr.

NOV. 1929 - O. H. Richards

OCT.  1937 - E. Y. Pendell

OCT.  1939 - Adrian V. Banks

DEC.  1946 - Manown Kisor

DEC.  1947 - Alan H. Brown

MAY  1949 - Stanley Gaines

AUG. 1950 - Willian Sinn

APR.  1951 - Alan W. "Skip" Fingado

NOV.  1952 - Melvin Ott

NOV.  1954 - Stuart Thompson

NOV.  1956 - Andrew Everson

MAR. 1960 - Gus Williams

NOV. 1968 - Richard M. Sayers

NOV. 1969 - Bob Elliott

NOV. 1970 - Tom Jordan

NOV. 1971 - John Barnett

MAY 1973 - Present - Dave Stuhr ASM/Varsity Team Coach

NOV. 1973 - Chris Williams

FEB.  1979 - Toby Winiarski

SEPT. 1980 - Fred Hauser

SEPT. 1989 - Rick Saul

JUNE 2004 - Robert Barone



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