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Eagles of Troop 54


1932 - 1959

1932 St. Peter, Jr., Albert

1934 Richards, Robert W.

1938 Heil, Walter

1942 Klein, Raymond F.

1943 Klein, John W.

1945 Fingado, Roger

1947 FIngado, Alan

1947 Douglas, William

1949 Gaines, Stanley

1953 Besser, James

1953 Schmid, Jr., Arthur

1956 Farrington, Samuel

1956 Ogbum III, William C.

1956 Roux, Jr., Frank G.

1958 Burns, Thomas A.

1958 Frame, Roger

1958 Everson, Peter

1958 Williams, Peter S.


1960 - 1969

1960 Price, David

1961 Douglas, Philip

1962 Main, Jr., Robert A.

1962 Mortensen, George J.

1962 Mortensen, William

1962 Spohr, Mark

1962 Williams, Christopher

1963 Hamlin, Kent W.

1963 Main, William C.

1964 Kennedy, David L.

1964 Panhorst, Norman E.

1964 Price, Donald

1964 Zimmerman III, G. Henry

1966 Busch, Jeffrey S.

1966 Morris, Robert B.

1967 Hamlin, Bruce L.

1967 Forbath, William E.

1968 Sayers, Richard M.

1968 Riddleberger, Thomas, B.


1970 - 1989

1971 Elliott, Jr., Robert S.

1971 Hauser, John F.

1975 Newton III, Dave A.

1976 Latham VI, James H.

1977 Whiting, Mark D.

1977 Latham, Christopher W.

1977 Lohmann, Thomas C.

1978 Swenson, David S.

1979 Schumacher, Michael T.

1980 Jordan, Thomas D.

1981 Winiarski, Brian W.

1981 Schumacher, William G.

1982 Newton, Steven A.

1983 Hobbis III, Thomas R.

1983 Goebbert, Jr., Herbert J.

1985 Moore, Douglas P.

1986 Moore, Richard

1987 McDonough, Neal W.

1987 Winiarski, Douglas L.

1988 Kievit, Kenneth J.

1988 Mulvaney, Benny Lewis

1989 Hayward, Edmund C.


1990 - 1999

1991 Lane, Charles R.

1991 Dolan, Christopher K.

1991 Katz, Andrew J.

1991 Schumaecker, Matthew M.

1992 Chalfoun, Marc

1994 Katz, Michael D.

1994 Moritz, Chad T.

1994 Saul, Todd M.

1996 White, S. Ryan

1996 McHugh, Eion T.

1996 Cairns, Richard J.

1997 Moritz, Keith G.

1997 Cheng, Maurice E.

1998 Rosazza, Keith C.

1998 Kiely, David P.

1998 Clutterbuck, Peter C.

1998 Curtis, M. Andrew


2000 - 2009

2001 Sullivan, Matthew K.

2001 Holuba, Robert J.

2001 Duffy, Ian M.

2002 Birchby, Matthew S.

2002 Nyland, James A.

2003 Brown V, Thomas E.

2004 Ludwig, Jason t.

2004 Anderson, Carter W.

2004 Saunders, Richard K.

2004 Brightly, Kevin W.

2005 Magrath, Cole D.

2005 Sullivan, Corey B.

2006 Mulvey, Chris J.

2006 Toombs, Scott C.

2006 Barone, Brian R.

2006 Bone, Clifford E.

2007 Mathews, Ben J.

2007 McCabe, Michael G.

2007 Lamb, John Charles

2007 Sullivan, C. Jerry

2008 Anderson, Graham B.

2008 Lee, Dylan H.

2008 Magrath, Taylor S.

2008 Pajusi, Alex

2009 Yeaton, Jeremy D.


2010 - 2015

2010 Brightly, Connor M.

2010 Hewitt, Chris G.

2010 Maita II, Donald

2011 Michalski, James R.

2012 Halpern, Scott G.

2012 DeMarco, Ryan M.

2012 Bellezza, Corey A.

2012 Menakis, Michael W.

2012 Hewitt, Nicholas L.

2012 Rickenberg, Kevin J.

2012 Hayward IV, Harold S.

2013 Maita, Chris J.

2013 Malloy, James V.

2013 Pabian, Michael J.

2014 DeMarco, Devon

2014 Tittensor, Matthew

2014 Munro, Zachary J.

2014 Reynolds, Connor F.

2015 Edwards, Luke P.

2015 Basralian, Charles J.

2015 Basralian, Luke W.




2016 - 2019

2016  O'Connor, Brian                 

2016  Frank, Noah                        

2016  Bierwas, Gabriel R.             

2016  Menzel, David P.                 

2016  Summer Ethan J.               

2017  Griep, Parker M.                 

2017  O'Brien, Theodore F.

2017  Arscott, Colin R.

2017  Culleton, Jack N.

2018  Cedarstrand, Matthew Jr.

2018  Summer, Jonathan R.

2018  Hintz, Trevor B.

2018  Courtney, Connor J.

2019  O'Connor, Timothy

2019  Menzel, Ethan R.

2019  Finan, Thomas M. Jr.

2019  Mastandrea, Nicholas

2019  Conway, Bryson A



2020 - Present

2020  Langevin, Noah                   

2021  Dooley, William

2022  Laidler, Bryn O.J.

2022  Christensen, Ryan

2022  Conlon, Timothy  


0000 - 0000

The Eagle Scout Medal

The Eagle rank is a responsibility as well as an honor.

As an Eagle Scout, you should realize that you have reached the peak go the Scouting trail.  It now becomes your responsibility to help those following you on that trail.  As an Eagle Scout, you must contribute an even greater part of yourself to your family, your church, your community, and your nation.  As an Eagle Scout, our ideals are high and our responsibilities are great.  Let the real meaning of the Eagle badge stand in your mind.

The first obligation of an Eagle Scout is loyalty, because without it, all character lacks direction.  An Eagle Scout is loyal to his family, to his friends, to his country, and to his own ideals.  "To thine own self be true, and it must follow the night the day: thou can't not be false to any man.  Neither pain, nor profit, pride nor personal loss, shall swerve him in his loyalty."  Let the blue of the badge always remind you of loyalty.

The second obligation of an Eagle Scout is courage.  Courage gives force and strength to all character.  Trusting in God and keeping faith in his fellow man, the Eagle Scout faces each day unafraid, seeking his share of the world's work to do.  Let the red of the badge always remind you of courage.

The third obligation of an Eagle Scout is to live with honor.  An Eagle's sacred honor is the foundation of all character, what he really is down deep inside, not what he thinks he is.  An Eagle Scout lives so that he will reflect credit upon his home, his church, his school, his friends and himself.  May the white of the badge always remind you to live with honor.

As an Eagle Scout, you have assumed a solemn obligation of duty to God, to country, to your fellow Scouts, and to mankind in general. This is a great undertaking.  As you live up to your obligations, you bring honor to yourself and to your brother Scouts.  The good that America has to give to you now, and to her children in the future, depends on quality of her citizens.  You can help make the future of our country even greater than her past.

We charge all Eagle Scouts to undertake your citizenship with a solemn dedication.  Be a leader, but lead only toward the best.  Lift up every task you perform and every office you hold to the high level of service to God and to your fellow man.  So live and so serve that you are an inspiration toward the finest for those who know you.  We charge you to be among those who dedicate their skills and abilities to building America on the solid foundation of clean living, honest work, unselfish citizenship, and reverence for God.  Whatever others may do, you will leave behind a record of which every other Scout may be justly proud.

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